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W hen I was younger, Islamic education wasn’t engaging. Growing up in the challenging North American environment, I began to lose confidence in my Muslim identity. Our goal is to solve this problem.

We seek to build confidence in the religious identity of little Muslims by engaging children with Islamic education, Muslim culture, and American integration. Our professionally designed books feature Islamic inspired stories and interactive activities.

Our books have been designed for 3 to 8 year olds and have entered into over 15,000 homes across 12 countries.

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Quality Design

Quality Design

We partner with world-class designers to create products that are comparable with other children’s media (i.e. Disney, Nickelodeon) to make Islamic education fun and exciting
Parent Child Engagement

Parent-Child Engagement

We create content, such as discussion questions and interactive activities, to spark in-depth conversation between parents and children about faith

Critical Thinking

We stimulate children to use reason (i.e. their brain) to internalize Islam. Instead of focusing on the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of faith (i.e. “What is salaat and how should I perform it?”), we focus on the ‘why’ (i.e. “Why do I perform salaat?”)

Character Development

Our four characters – Amin, Shireen, Asad, and Amira – role model successful integration for children while also making Islamic education more relevant and engaging for 3 to 8 year old children.


I bought Noor Kids to give my kids “heroes” and role models with good values. What I like most about your books is that the characters are very cute and very much like my kids. My boys can really see themselves in the stories, and that is a major components of successful reading comprehension. Thank you!

Noor Kids is so far the only Islamic tool that has helped me effectively introduce important Islamic concepts to my 5-year-old. She has resisted other attempts at having specifically “Muslim” conversations. But, once we delve into a Noor Kids book, she is interested and animated!

I am always amazed by the ingenuity, creativity, thoughtfulness, and simplicity of each book, every time. We have two subscriptions and I encourage my friends who are looking for clear, positive lessons and a way to build conscious, thinking Muslim identity in their little children to check out Noor Kids.

The books are BETTER than I thought they would be! Interesting and complex stories that teach very valuable lessons.

I love that every story includes references from Qu’ran/Hadith to elaborate on the lessons learned. Alhumdulillah, the books are very fun to read with my kids.